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We are combining our 2 styles of training Metabolic Conditioning & Total Body Strength into one comprehensive session so you can maximize every visit to drop body fat, gain lean muscle, and improve overall performance. The sessions will typically begin with a Warm Up focusing on Foam Rolling, Movement Prep, Workout Explanation, Skill Acquisition, Metabolic Conditioning phase, Total Body Strength Phase, and a challenging Finisher to wrap it all up. This gives us as trainers and you more variety with structure to develop a stronger, more flexible, better conditioned, and be optimally fit and healthy. 

RECONNECT & REJUVENATE: (our version of yoga and pilates)

If you are a yoga and pilates junky then you need to experience R&R! This class is designed to bring out the YIN inside you. Reset your mind and body after a hard workout. Sessions are focused on reconnecting and rejuvenating the fascia and muscle tissues. You will find what it means to be aware of your core! Once you tap into the power of the core you can use these skills in our other sessions. R&R perfectly complements our group training sessions to allow your body to regenerate and recover.